Thursday, June 20, 2013

No More Teachers, No More Books!

 Today was our first official day of summer vacation!  So far it's rained .60 inches today.  Tomorrow we are supposed to leave for a camping trip....we're praying that things will dry out a bit.  One bonus is that we shouldn't have as much trouble finding a camp site at a popular spot with the bad weather.  What do you do when life hands you lemons?  Throw them at someone's head as hard as you can!  Oh wait, that's not how it goes.
 Here is my sweet Caroline in her last moments as a kindergartener .  The below picture is blurry-I know, I know...but this is how my girls ride to school at 11:40 each day for afternoon kindergarten.  I ride them downhill with both in the trailer, drop off the older one and get to do the uphill with the little peanut left alone in the trailer.  See how I cheat?  Also, see that lovely, large, padded seat with shocks?  It's the only way to go, I tell ya. 
 There they are--entering the kindergarten class one last time. 
 Caroline's class is full of tall girls!
 After we dropped Caroline off, we found Ezra lunching in the sunshine with his buddies.  I love those looks of pure joy!

 We sure have loved our kindergarten teacher!  She's been stuck with us for two years in a row.  She was an answer to prayers--kind and loving and giving them just the right amount of push to make them succeed!
 The next day Ezra had to go back with all the non-kindergarteners for one last (very short two hour) day. 
 There he goes running across the field to class after I dropped him off.  I watch that red back pack bob and weave across the field just about every morning and pray that the Lord will keep His Hand over him.  Then he disappears down the stairs and his day begins.
 He has loved his teacher this year as well.  She keeps the learning going at a clipped pace in her first grade classroom and this has been a year with much progress for our boy. 
And now we enjoy one last summer with three kids and no babies....


Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

Hard to believe you have two now full time in school. They look so grown up and soooo lovable! Hug them for me and remind them who I am!!!

Anonymous said...

one LAST summer, huh? hmmmmm... :) pJ

Adkins Family said...

Aren't good teachers just great? Happy summer vacationing, perhaps we'll run into each other somewhere in the middle if you're headed east at all. :)