Monday, June 3, 2013

For Auntie Avy

Hi Auntie Avy,
I'm just now coming up for air and thought I'd answer your email on my blog : )  I have very few pictures at this point in time, since I don't have a flash camera.  But I would love to spend the next few days posting some of the pictures that I do have--just for you!  Enjoy....

 One day in April, we were supposed to go shower Aunt Emily with gifts for her Baby Boy who was supposed to be arriving in a month.  Instead, Baby Boy surprised us with an early arrival and we got to hold, snuggle, sniff and cuddle precious, perfect Oliver Marshall.  We still gave Aunt Emily the baby gifts, there just was no shower. 
 Nora has her own style.  As I am typing she is wearing snow bibs (backwards), snow boots and jacket.  It's supposed to be mid-70's today. 
 Sharing cookies on the counter with a couple of her buddies.
Spring brought extra warm (for us) weather our way.  We embraced it with fully open arms.  It's not often that we're eating Popsicles, running through sprinklers and setting up the kiddie pool in April. 


 And a couple extra kiddos who we really enjoy having around. 

P.S.  Yes, I know that there were zero pictures of Ezra in this post...I'll try to make up for that tomorrow or the next day with some baseball shots.  Miss you Auntie Avy!

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Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

Auntie Avy enjoyed the show VERY much! Now I need a hug fix!!! I hear you may be coming next month. I am looking forward to it and I hope it happens. Nora does have her own style and that is quite the look and as long as she looks cute I don't care! And my darling Caroline Avy is oh so cute and playful as ever. I miss seeing Ezra but I shall just wait for his post another time. Thanks Brooke! Hugs to all of you...including Tadd!