Friday, July 13, 2012

T-Mack II

 Grandpa brought his cycle to Idaho too--his has a motor.  There were rides for the kids...and grown ups. 

 Levi and Nora were best of buds.  Nora--ever the Seattle babe--was teaching Levi how to pick moss out of the cracks.  It's one of her favorite activities around our neighborhood.

 Look at that Frisbee form.  There was a great disc golf course and we had four Frisbees along--but we never made it to that activity.  I think we had enough food and activities for two weeks.

 None of us had any troubles with eating.
 And on the last evening, Aunt Megan worked up a treasure hunt.

 They ran so fast between clues that they were only a blur...
 The loot!

 We celebrated dear Meggy-Pant's birthday that evening with an amazingly delicious birthday cake made by Grandma.
 And the three oldest grand kids asked Grandpa to baptize them.
 It was very special.

 Our hot tub view.

We all stayed up late that night getting in last minute conversations and playing time because we all knew the next morning would bring the sadly inevitable good byes.


Cobblestone said...

Love the pictures of Nora & Levi. And the baptism - what a privilege and blessing!

nicole said...

grandpa baptizing his grandbabies...what a blessing.

kdk said...

What a great memory; my Grandpa baptized, me, too. Very sweet.

Adkins Family said...

That chicken fruit salad looks so good (along with the rest of the food). Megan made a similar one for us last week that was delish!

I was also baptized in a hot tub, by my dad, and it is so neat to see that all three had the desire to do it together.