Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Stay-cation at the Tractor's

 After we got home from gallivanting we didn't waste any time unpacking and repacking to spend a couple days with Grandpa and Grandma.  They had the week off to do some work in their yard and enjoy the nice weather.  We enjoyed their backyard resort complete with a pool...
 a badminton court (that red quavery line was drawn by Uncle Brett to mark off the court)...
 and a tent for a backyard camp out with Uncle Jeff.  He needed some help from Nora to get it all set up.
 We enjoyed dinner al fresco and s'mores at the fire pit...
 before the kids snuggled up with Uncle Jeff in the tent.
 Nora was determined to stay out there with the big kids and curled herself right up in Jeffrey's arms.  I let her stay for about half an hour and then brought her in with me to save Jeffrey.
 But the others lasted the night. 
We spent the next day having more fun eating Grandpa's coffee cake, making raspberry jam with Grandma, coloring and more swimming.  There's no cation like a stay-cation!

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