Friday, November 4, 2011

Fall Festivities and Activities

When the weather gets crisp and rainy and the great indoors starts to sound more inviting, it's time to find things to do for the little energy hoggers.

Such as:
Pumpkin painting. So much easier than carving. No crisp toasted seeds this way, though.
Making clay and tooth pick shapes and structures.

"A cross to remind us of the one the Lord Jesus died on in order to wash our sins away."
Time to pull out the cute tights and boots!
Time for Daddy to celebrate another birthday. Even if he's stuck at home on the couch with three sick kiddos.
Time for drawing and coloring at the table for loooooong periods of time.

For trying to copy Anne of Green Gable's hair braids.
Time for festivities at the school too.
Ezra's teacher bravely undertakes the project of creating Where the Wild Things Are plays each year in the fall. Instead of a Halloween Party with costumes from home, each child plays either Max or a Wild Thing wearing a costume they created at school. Families are invited in to watch. We got to see the play four times because the class was broken into groups of 5 or 6 so that each child could play a part.
Ezra is the Wild Thing with the red headdress. He was SO excited to be in the play. He had the stomach flu from Friday until Sunday and was worried he might not get better in time. It was our second round of all three kids having the stomach flu in as many weeks. Can we be done now, please?
At the conclusion of the plays, several parent volunteers set up a monster themed party complete with games, prizes and cup cake decorating and eating stations.

The girls had a blast getting to be a part of the celebration. I felt quite sorry for the teacher having to deal with the plays and party being on a Monday. Sure makes the rest of the week seem loooooooong.

That night we told the kids they could go to the ten or so doors on our street for trick or treating. Ezra borrowed a knight costume from the neighbor at the last minute and we made some quick antennae for our little butterflies. Good thing we have a dress up drawer filled with tutus and wings : )
No, neither of the girls has a black eye. That's just my ineptitude with make up!

They had fun and came home with way too much candy. Good thing they have a mom willing to sacrifice herself!

Fall is also a good time to snuggle up on the couch with the big brother you adore on dark, dark mornings. These are my two early risers. Caroline is the only one with enough sense to be a sleeper inner whilst she canner. Don't forget to fall back everyone. Next weekend the mornings won't be quite so dark--but the evenings sure will. Go enjoy one last late afternoon walk today or tomorrow!

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Adkins Family said...

Love Caroline's tights and boots! Good ideas with the clay and toothpicks, we might have to try that here. Fun costumes for everyone too!