Monday, February 7, 2011


A sister is not something I had growing up ( I have collected three awesome sisters along the way through marriage, however). So, naturally, I didn't expect to have multiple girls. The same way my mother, who had 2 sisters and no brothers, probably did not expect to have 3 boys and a single girl. Quite frankly I was a little surprised when Nora turned out to be a Nora : ) It has been quite fun watching my girls grow up together. I keep wondering what it will be like when they are teenagers. I'm sure we'll have our share of fighting and emotions, but I do pray that they will stay close.

So far they don't look a lot alike. Nora tends to look very much like Ezra. But I did notice some similarities in these pictures.

Poor Nora is always being mistaken for a boy since I put her in Ezra's jackets and pjs. And her short hair doesn't help.

Can you tell what color is his favorite? And yes, he is wearing a motorcycle jersey with soccer shorts and two aprons.

On a quest to get to know our new downtown area, we tried out the local Donut House the week we studied the letter "Dd". They were pretty tasty. The weather was amazing, if not a little chilly, so we took our donut treats to the park. We want you to come back to the Country Village and play with us this time, Amelia and Wyatt!

Okay, this rooster kept getting sideways to me and then running at me. Sideways. Somehow that made it even creepier. I had the camera in one hand and Nora on my hip and I felt like an idiot, but rather look like a running idiot than a being pecked and screaming idiot : )
Pack ratting, fort making siblings. The other two are inside their bear hunting tent.
Nora likes to climb.
When you're the third child that's how you get a bath...just kidding : )


Adkins Family said...

Nora has grown up sooo much! The pictures of the girls are darling. We would love to come back and play pirates with you all at the park, we'll have to work on that one. If you offer to take us to the Donut House too, we'll be there for sure! :)

Madeline said...

so cute!

Anonymous said...

ha! love the hair :) And E's outfit ;) and esp. the pic of N on the dishwasher :D cute cute! hope to see y'all soon. ~cath

NaomiG said...

Aw! Sisters are the very best-there's just nothing like it. And E's aprons and jersey, haha! I love it.

Erlandson Family said...

ha ha on the bath comment... ;) my kids play "bear cave" ALL THE TIME!! ... :) seems they play more "Imaginary play" than they do w/ actual toys... which i love, by the way.. yer kiddos are cuties..

Megan Miller said...

I think the first time I read this I had a fever, massive headache and body aches so I didn't bother commenting but I love all the pictures. Just the other day it hit me again that I have 2girls! Same as you, I figured we were a boy family. Love to think of them growing up with a sister. Love that I got you as a "sister" too. Looking forward to seeing you this week. Feel kinda bad saying that. ;)

Molly Doran said...

Brooke, your kids are darling! I love the pictures of the girls! There really is nothing like being best friends with your sister ... I hope they will enjoy that blessing!