Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Sweet Valentine!

Happy Birthday to Sweet Nora Liv. And happy Valentine's Day to all of you! What a year it has been. As of a few days ago Nora has lived in one place (our new house) for longer than any other place--five months : ) We're praying that her next year (or ten or so) will be much more uneventful!
Here are the stats:
She weighs about 21 pounds
She has 8 teeth (and 4 molars about to pop through)
She's not walking--but has taken her first tentative steps
No clue how tall she is
She says "Ezra" "yes" (with an emphatic nod) and occasionally "Da-da"

We went with some cupcakes with flowers and bees on them.

Nora's birthday party was supposed to be Saturday evening. However, another funeral altered our plans. Our kids were too sick to take to Uncle Dave Lunden's memorial, so we stayed at Great Grandma's house an set up the birthday party while daddy went to the memorial. When Grandpa and Grandma Tractor, Uncle Jake and Aunt Emily, Daddy, Great-Grandma, Uncle Mark and Aunt Patti and even Drewskis got back from the memorial we celebrated Nora's birthday. Thanks for letting us dirty up your house, Great Grandma!
Nora was leaking snot in just about every picture. She's feeling lots better than she did last week, but still on the mend.
Great Grandma's treadmill is a favorite(if not safe) toy.
She may be the fiercest mama's girl out there--but she still shares her love with daddy.

Very interested in what's inside the packages : ) Good thing she had two big helpers so that the process of opening was speedy.

Following in her older brother and sister's footsteps, she did not make a big mess of her cake.

Loving on her new little "sleep sheep". He makes soothing noises and is soft as soft can be. And maybe he'll work a sleep miracle on her.
Thank you Lord Jesus for such a sweet little gift to love and care for!


Adkins Family said...

Happy FIRST birthday Miss Nora Liv! Glad that Uncle Drew could be party of the festivities, we're jealous! ♥

NaomiG said...

Happy 1st Birthday Miss Nora! Looks like such a fun party! She is so cute. :-)

JUSTIN said...

Her future best friend, Ember, has that same sleep sheep! She prefers the "rain" sound:) Nora is so cute...and I can't believe how much she resembles Ezra...what a little doll!!

The Chatty Housewife said...

I LOVE that sleep sheep, they had one when I was a nanny and it was very useful! Happy Birthday Nora!

Rose said...

Happy birthday Nora!! I hope you are feeling better on your VERY special day! Wish I could squeeze those darling little cheeks :)!!

Anonymous said...

the last pic is too precious for words, i love when she lays her head like that, especially on me that day I was watching her :) awww! ~Cathy

Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

So precious! Loved seeing Ezra and Caroline also. How they are growing. Time for a visit please!!! Big hugs to Nora - she looks so hugable. And of course to Ezra and Caroline - love em so!!!

Penny said...

I love that last pic of Nora! What a sweetheart - can't believe she's already one! And your cupcake bees are great!

KLamb said...

Thanks for blogging for the grandparents! Missed you at the funeral, but glad you got to have a party at Great Grandma's. Kids are all darlings!