Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Did the Puyallup

I wanted to show these canning pictures because of the cool old jars my mom has. She brought peaches back from eastern Washington a couple weeks before we moved and she and I canned them. Look at that square jar and the blue one next to it. Those are from her Grandma, I believe.
So if I keep waiting until I upload and edit the video of the kids mutton busting, this post will never happen. If I ever get the video onto the computer I'll post it. But for now, I'll just go ahead and show the still pictures of our 2010 visit to the Puyallup Fair. Grandma and I headed out for the opening day "Free day Friday". You pay the price by waiting in traffic.
We finally made it in and wandered around looking at exhibits and eating the most delicious chocolate milk shakes from the Dairy Gold Milk Barn. Then it was off to sign up for Mutton Busin'--the whole reason we were at the fair. This year both Ezra and Caroline were amped for the event.

This was their "game face". Need to work on that a little Kine!

Mutton bustin' is pretty safe with a protective vest and a cage-face helmet.Hard to get the vest fitted properly with all those curls.
Oh Boy! If only I could convey the excitement level at this point : )
They thought maybe they should climb into the sheep pen and get to know them before taking a ride.
My cowgirl was all suited up in safety gear and waiting for her turn.
The sheep waiting anxiously in their pen.
This nice (looking) young cowboy kept getting in the way of all my pictures. He has the hard job of getting the kids all situated on the sheep and making sure sheep and kid are safe. There goes Caroline...
She tumbled to the ground about halfway down the arena.
And waved to the crowd as the cowboy carried her back.
I missed Ezra's release, but there he is falling off.
And being dusted off and set on his feet. Good job cowboy and cowgirl!
After that I gave in to the kids' requests and let them go on a few way over-priced kiddie rides.

Later in the day we went to the catch and release fishing pond.
Ezra was beyond excited to go fishing for the first time. Caroline's poor fish got dropped on the deck when it was supposed to be "released". I felt sorry for those worn out fish, getting caught over and over again for several hours.

We stopped by the fire station exhibit to try on some fire coats and pretend to shoot the hose.

By the time we had experienced the fair for six or so hours we were exhausted. So we bought the kids some corn dogs and cotton candy outside the gate where things cost half price and headed to the car. Whew. Check The Fair off our list of things to do this fall!
Nory-Boo was at the fair with us...she just didn't make an appearance in any photos since she couldn't Mutton Bust, go on rides or go fishing. She was in my front pack while the kids were riding sheep, so she got a real up close and personal view.


kdk said...

Criminy! Our boys have been trying to break into the mutton busting scene for years, but didn't know how, and now R is too big. The Spouse even made some phone calls to some sheep-owner friends on the boys' behalf. Little did we know you just go to the county fair and sign up. Looks like fun. I like the jars, too, by the way.

Megan Miller said...

Way to go E and C! Would have loved to cheer you on.

Anonymous said...

Yah, I did some mutton busting the other night. It was a little different though. After I rode them to the ground we threw them on the BBQ for some sweet lamb chops, so good. I'd recommend that for next time. E and C did a nice job, but teach them how to finish it next time.

Brooke said...

Anonymous, I am laughing so stinking hard--reveal yourself, please. I mean, I have some guesses...but don't leave me hangin. And send some of that dead sheep our direction. I have lots of mint that would love to get cooked with some good mutton!

Anonymous said...

Its uncle Jake.

Anonymous said...

these are darling!! ~Cath

Jennifer Osborn said...

What great pictures of my sweet E and C and of course Nory Poo. What a great time at the fair and they will have such happy memories.
Love, Aunty Jenny

Madeline said...

Awesome!!!! I want to ride a sheep!! Lucky kids!!!

NaomiG said...

The jars are awesome. I love old canning jars. :-) The mutton busting is SO cool. We've never taken our kids to a fair, and I feel so guilty for that, but we always seem to end up camping on the fair weekends. They would LOVE mutton busting tho. :-)

Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

Fun to see the kids in action....but makes me sad too!!!Wish you all were still here! But I am thinking you are having too much fun to come back! Nora is such a darling! Keep posting!!!