Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Gym Night

Around these parts in the winter, Monday night is "gym night". Evenings that fall between harvest and planting qualify as play time. The men play basketball, the moms walk and chat and the kids run off all their pent-up energy. At our house we frequently hear the question "Is it gym night???"

Look at Tadd's mad-skills.

It's fun to take the parachute to the gym to play with. Going for rides tends to be the favorite parachute activity.

Often a volleyball net is set up for those who don't enjoy hoops.

The bleachers provide many fun opportunities.

Sometimes, when the cousins are visiting they join us at the gym and make it extra fun.

Daddy and Caroline taking a rest.

Can you tell whose face that is in the middle of the parachute?


kdk said...

Ah, gym night. My dad still talks about Ralph K. stalking toward the basket, ball held high, with lesser men dangling from his arms like ornaments...

Lily of the Valley said...

Sounds fun! I remember doing that growing up in Oregon, and really missed doing that sort of thing after moving up here. It was neat to see a few pictures of people there!

Rose said...

I can see why your kids like Mondays! Parachutes are a must for any gym time :)! Is that little Mia I see in the picture? How fun to have all the cousins to play with!

Erlandson Family said...

looks like fun :)

Anonymous said...

Brooke, I wish we had gym night here!!! hey I heard tonight at prayer mtg about your father in law, and I'm praying for you all, hope the Lord heals him soon!! Love, Cathy