Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ezra, Caroline and Penelope in Burley

Ezra and Caroline are my born-children. Penelope is my unborn child. No, that's not the name we've picked. No, we don't know whether Penelope is a boy or a girl. It's simply the name the kids call the baby. So, I'll be talking about Penelope instead of "Baby" from here on out (except for when I forget, of course).
Oh my word, a guy just came on Monday to replace some of our internet "stuff" and told me that I wouldn't believe how fast the internet would work from here on out. I had my doubts. However, normally I have to wait a good 20 minutes for 5 pictures to upload onto my blog...sometimes they fail and I have to try all day to get any pictures to upload. But in the time it took me to type the first paragraph, my pictures uploaded. Whoo hoo! We still have internet issues, but it's because of our computer...or rather, the stupidity of the computer's users. But, I digress...
Last Thursday the kids and I packed up and headed west to Burley. Where? Yeah, it's a big metropolis in Idaho, I'm surprised you don't know all about it. Why would we go there? To meet a friend for lunch! That's friend Charlene who was visiting her sister-in-law in Burley knew I lived within driving distance and emailed to see if we could meet. Yeah!!!

Before meeting Charlene for lunch, the kids and I went to a local park called "Storybook Park". This place was fantastic! A bunch of local moms got together and raised the money to build this fabulous park. Each structure has a plaque with the name of the individual or local business who donated money for that particular feature. The kids had a blast, and so did I. It was a crisp, sunny fall day. The park is surrounded by mature deciduous trees which were dropping leaves and nuts all around us. Squirrels chattered and chased. Perfection!

The "tot lot" was a section of the park specifically designed for toddlers. The theme was "Old MacDonald's Farm" and there were wooden animals and barns all around. A germ free petting zoo : )

Charlene taught at Opstad Elementary when I taught there. She recently retired and can kick up her heels whenever she wants to now. I have to tell you that she is one of the world's best teachers. She is one of the specific reasons I was sad Ezra could not go to the school where I taught. Not that it would have mattered, I suppose, since she up and retired on us. This woman was at the top of her game when she quit--no dying years of parents complaining that it was time for her to leave. Nope. Plus, she's a pretty fun gal. This last year she went sky-diving for her birthday and I had a blast hearing all about it over a gourmet meal of chicken nuggets and milkshakes which Charlene so kindly bought us at the Burley McDonald's.

Thanks for taking time away from your family to come play with us! The kids are still talking about "Miss Charlene" a week later.
And here is a picture of our ultrasound we had 3 weeks ago. Little Penelope with his/her balled up fists up around his/her face. What do you think? Is this obviously a boy or a girl??? Wait! Don't tell me, I'm waiting to be surprised : )


Adkins Family said...

I have heard of Burley. I think we passed through driving home from Morning Star with Amy, Emily and Mia. We named ourselves according to towns we drove through. I was Jerome, there was a Wendell and an Eden Bliss. We called ourselves the Hagerman family.

Glad you got to meet up with an old friend! And watch out, Justin might be jealous of the name Penelope (ask Amanda)! haha. ;)

Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

Well, I don't want to know either! I like to be surprised and excited when he/she arrives! And your Burley adventure looked like a lot of fun. You sure do have the adventures! What fun to have an old friend nearby..... And by the way, Penelope isn't a bad name (better than Lot!!!)