Monday, October 12, 2009

Absolutely Unorganized Post

This post is simply all the photos I can't neatly categorize into some cutesy post from the past month. It is cold here and we're turning more and more to indoor activities. I think the weather is supposed to go back to being a bit warmer and more fallish by the end of the week. This is good--because I have a lot of yard work to do!
Check out this sunrise Tadd captured the other morning. Incredible. It was really blood red. The sun rises quite late these days and has shifted so that it is behind the hills, making it even later.

Anniversary roses from Tadd's parents when we got home from our trip last month.

Peaches and zucchini relish. One makes the house smell sweet--the other, not so sweet : ) Thanks for the recipe, Mom. We still haven't tried any to see how it tastes--but it accomplished the goal of getting rid of A LOT of zucchini, all the jars sealed and it looks pretty
Daddy got out the ramps in order to change the oil in his pick up the other day. Ezra has always enjoyed "helping" change the oil, and today was no different. As soon as Tadd was done with the ramps, Ezra made sure to put his own car up in order to "fix it".

Caroline put her car up on a ramp too, but that's as far as she got. After that she simply began pack-ratting toys out beside the car.

And here is our newest nephew/cousin Levi. We visited him the morning after his birth--so in these pictures, he is brand spanking new...and Alan is pretty tired, yet excited. Can't wait to get to know you little Levi!


Adkins Family said...

What a great view you have from your house! Glad your kids are learning to take care of their cars properly. ;) And Levi is so cute, I think he resembles Ella.

Megan Miller said...

How did Caroline's hair get so long? Oh I wish I could take a quick trip up there to see everyone...actually a long one would be fine too.

Anonymous said...

Yikes, I don't think I even knew Levi was born! Amazing sunset and the pics of Ezra changing his oil are soooo cute, love it!!! ~Cathy

Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

Good post - loved ALL the pictures. Erza knows how it's done, doesn't he!! And it's just fine with me if Caroline didn't know how it's done! We do have good sunrises and sunsets don't we....