Thursday, August 20, 2009

California Visitors and Saturday Morning Brunch

Aye-yi-yi! I'm posting on my blog. This is especially for you, Uncle Jake, since you're the one who called and asked if I was ever going to post again. We have been busy. But also, I've been lacking enthusiasm. I don't get that mystical "2nd trimester" burst of energy I hear so much about. Maybe it's just that the 1st trimester isn't really that hard on me and so I have no hole to climb out of. But I still feel just as tired and my pregnancy headaches have started with a roar. Yes, yes, I'm done with excuses now. On to the real business at hand.
Last week Uncle Nathan, Aunt Megan and childrens came for a visit! Yah! We had lots of fun hanging out, breaking up fights, eating, breaking up fights, going out for bike rides, breaking up get the picture. 7 grandkids aged 5 and under all together sounds like a really fun theory. Actually, it really is fun--it's just busy fun. Someday we'll miss this phase, I'm told.

This is dancing, in case you were wondering.
Tadd and Nathan decided to take an over night camping trip and ride their mountain bikes a little. Poor Alan got left at home to work and oversee the huge remodel at his house.

No, they did not share a tent. Nathan took the back of Tadd's pick-up and Tadd took the tent--with a knife in case of bears : )

Uncle Nathan and Aunt Megan don't have a lot of folks who live real close by from their meeting down where they are from. And around here we can't even count how many folks we have living close by from our meeting. It doesn't really seem fair. So, we thought we'd share some fellowship with them and invite everyone over for a Saturday morning brunch while the Miller 5 were here. We sure had a lot of fun. So much fun that I didn't take more than 3 pictures. And they are all of the food. Whoops. Oh yeah, there's a few thrown in of the kids. These first pictures are of Caroline after she finished playing outside the night before the brunch. Daddy was busy fixing up the yard and mommy was busy in the kitchen. Left to their own devices, the kids were kids. Ezra threw shovel-fulls of dirt on Caroline (who didn't complain, but rather ate the less-than-tasty-stuff). There was a huge dirt ring in the bathtub after she soaked for half an hour or so. And that still didn't get all the sand out of her curls.

We had lots of help with folks bringing delicious brunch foods--the table was groaning.

A couch full of trouble! The only one missing is Baby Mia.

All those folks to fellowship with and they were content to lounge around with just the two of them : ) This is actually after everyone had cleared out.
Describing some "super cool" bike trick to each other.

Time for clean up!
Grandpa stopped by later on and took Ezra for a motorcycle ride.
And Daddy got a hold of the camera and had fun taking shots of his little girl.

It was fun guys!


NaomiG said...

Sounds like good summer fun!! Isn't that just like kids to get into a mudfight right before a bunch of people come over? Of course, in the summer my kids tub has a permanent dirt ring, I swear. I clean it, but then next bath, there's another dirt ring. Your comment about being out of breath with the altitude cracked me up... I totally understand! My ears popped every time I drove up the hill to our house for about three months after we bought it, crazy!

Megan Miller said...

Oh gravy. We had so much fun. and we miss everyone so much. Thanks for the GOOD times!!

Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

Fun to see the pictures...thanks Brooke. And I Live here. I can imagine how much your family likes your posts of the kids.... I am sorry about your headaches...hope they don't last long. Caroline is cute even with a dirty face!!! And I loved the pictures of the six kids...which soon will be nine!!! That will be a couch full!

Anonymous said...

I love Caroline's pigtails! Miss you guys, pJ

Anonymous said...

wow LOVE her pigtails..will miss you guys very much tomorrow at Jennie's shower, just won't be the same :) Love, Cath

Adkins Family said...

Glad you all had a good time together. :) Love all of the expressions on the cousins faces on the couch and U Nate is looking like a regular mountain man these days! The brunch looked like delicious fun, now nice of you to host!