Friday, August 21, 2009

Boys and Their Bikes

I was going to title this "Little Boys and Their Bikes", but I think that Uncle Nathan and Daddy had just as much fun with this as Lucas and Ezra. After our Saturday morning brunch, the Miller 5 and our family lazed around the house and yard for the afternoon. It was wonderfully relaxing. Grandpa and Grandma Idaho came over with a motorcycle and a kite (it was pretty windy) and Uncle Nathan worked for 2-3 hours to build a jump and berm for the boys to ride their bikes on in our yard. Thanks, Uncle Nathan!
It's pretty hard to tell Lucas and Ezra apart in these photos since they both have blue bikes and red helmets. Lucas is the one with a white shirt and shorts and Ezra has a dark shirt and jeans.
Look at that boy rail the turn.
Two weeks ago, the first day Lucas was here, Ezra hopped on Lucas's bike (without training wheels) and realized that he could ride it. So, we rushed home and took the training wheels off of his bike. He's spent that past two weeks practicing. Ella also ditched her extra wheels while Lucas was here--good thing you came to town Lucas! Ezra still can't start on his own but at least he can stop without crashing now. Keeping up with him on my morning run is now a chore since he can't stop and wait for me without me having to give him a push start. I'm not too worried though because I fear my morning run is going to have to turn into a morning aerobic video soon since this baby is making itself known more and more--good thing the secret is out because my belly is sure out!
Uncle Nathan patiently picked up fallen boys, soothed ouchies after falls and gave push starts.
Oh yeah, another way to tell the boys apart--Ezra is cautious while Lucas is catching air : )
One silly little broken arm isn't gonna set this kid back at all!
While Lucas was busy getting air, so was his mom. She ran around the pasture helping Grandpa try to fly a kite. The wind tried its best to mock them, dying down right when they needed a big gust the most. But they persevered and got that thing to fly.
Whoo hoo! Go Megan, go!

Watching all the action from a safe distance. What a fun Saturday for all of us. Come back soon and use your jump Lucas and Uncle Nathan!

Oh, in case you need a little laugh...two days ago when I took Caroline in the bike trailer and Ezra and I went for a ride I decided to "hit the jump" on my way back to the garage. Oh my. I hit a little harder than I intended. The bike, the trailer, Caroline and I went bouncing across the yard as I tried valiantly to maintain control. We didn't crash, thank the Lord. But it was a good reminder that I'm pregnant and maybe now isn't a good time to learn how to hit a bike jump properly : )


Anonymous said...

oh yay a pic a youuuu!! :D Wow, you live next to Diesel Depot?! ~Cath

Anonymous said...

that's of* you not a youuuu ;)

NaomiG said...

Oh Man!! I'm so glad you & baby are ok!! That could have been really bad!! The bike jump stuff looks like so much fun tho!

Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

That was a fun post to tour...felt like I'd been there. You have the perfect place to do just about everything!

kdk said...

In about two seconds they'll be on bikes with engines. BTW, the Alan dancing photo in the previous post is priceless..