Wednesday, October 29, 2008

September and October

I finally figured out how to get back into one of the blogs I created! Yeah! This is not my favorite one, but I'm sick of messing around on the computer with no visible outcome--so this is the one we're sticking with.
These past two months we've been busy. We spent a Saturday at an amusement park with grandpa and grandma. We've enjoyed many a walk or bike ride to the park. Ezra and Caroline have started up their fall classes; "mini-movers" for Caroline and "fun in fitness" for Ezra. This is a drop-off class for Ezra, which is a first. He loves it so far. Story time at the library is also popular with the kids once again. We've collected, sorted and painted leaves. There was a trip to Spokane and Moscow with daddy. We enjoyed dinner with old friends, an alllllll day play date (thank you, grandma Janet), a wonderful time at Uncle Jake and Aunt Emmy's, complete with a gourmet supper, a volleyball game which U of I, coached by Mr. Steve, won, and a nice time at the Spokane meeting. We've been enjoying mommy-group every two weeks. There is just too much to report in one post, I suppose.
September and October have been glorious months, weather-wise. Today is partly sunny and 60's with dazzling colors all around. It also happens to be the Man of the House's birthday. We'll make sure to post some pics of him with his cake and gifts tomorrow. He was greeted with a tiny voice chirping "happy birthday daddy" when he got up at 5:30 this morning. Speaking of tiny little voices, I suppose they are the whole reason for having this blog. So, below is an overview of the months of September and October in pictures...complete with captions!

Caroline and her friend making a joyful noise unto the Lord!

We went with daddy to Spokane on a business trip and were able to have a play date with mommy's friend and her little one who were also visiting from out of town. It was so fun.

Out at the pumpkin patch Caroline took on a task she couldn't quite complete.

And Ezra took to the air!

It was a gorgeous sunny day with a lovely background and foreground.
And that's all we got for now! It's time to make daddy some creme brulee for a birthday dessert. I hope the smoke detector is ready : )


Adkins Family said...

Welcome, welcome. We will enjoy seeing your faces more often since I generally check blogs more than flickr. :)

Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

I am delighted - this is truly a good way to keep up. I have been checking your flikr site often. I'll be here often! Thanks for starting it up - now keep it up - ha!!! Have fun in Hawaii - I'm envious, but we are having great weather here. Happy Birthday dear nephew! wink!