Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy-Man!

So, did you all hear about that lady who was so dumb that she took 3 months to figure out how to get into her own blog? And then she sent a link to all her friends and family and put the wrong blog name. Haha. That must have been embarrassing. I heard that she's considering some sort of therapy. Like an exotic get-away with her family or something.

Last night we had fun celebrating daddy's birthday. The creme brulee that I was planning needed to be refrigerated overnight...oops. Instead we ran to the local QFC bakery for an over-priced rich chocolate cake to make ourselves sick with. Ezra was so excited for cake! Good thing daddy had a birthday to accommodate him. We neglected to get any present-opening pictures. But there are quite a few with the all-important cake.

Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate.

Nothing like a good birthday wrestle session.

He sure does love his daddy.

Taste testing the goods...again.

Need any help with that candle, daddy?

This is currently one of my favorite pictures of the kids. Anytime love is being shown between the two I'm happy!

A little pre-birthday check-up from doctor Ezra. Note: those are not fancy earrings. They are some sort of elaborate bandage to help daddy's ear. And that's not a bonnet on his head. Again, some sort of medical device. What else can you expect from a doctor wearing only a diaper?

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NaomiG said...

Hey Brooke! Welcome to blogging land... it's fun, and addictive. :-) You made me hungry for creme brulee. I've been toying with the idea of making it, as it's one of my fav desserts. YUM. Cute pics. I love the doctor in diapers. As I type, one of my kids is being a doctor, that's kinda funny.