Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Back To School 2015-16

It arrived--ready or not.  We are officially back to school.  4th grade, 3rd grade and kindergarten look out! 
 We have heard fabulous things about all the kids' teachers.  Both older kids have a mix of friends and new faces in their classes.  Everyone is new to Nora.  But then, so is going to school.

 I struggled watching her walk away.  I never would have guessed she'd be so happy to go off to school.  After years of saying she would never go, countless classes and sports where I literally had to sit on her or carry her onto the court while she screamed like nothing you've ever heard--all the clinging and fits that have come before--she went and set her mind to enjoy this day.  She's been counting down the minutes until Kindergarten ever since about 8 months ago when she decided that going to school would be fun after all.  After we dropped the kids off this morning the hours and minutes passed slooooooowly for her.  But finally it was time to take her picture on the front porch and head off to school.
 Henry doesn't know the magnitude of what happened yet.  Hopefully it won't hit him at all this year.  He basically naps the entire time she's gone.  Then I wake him up and we go pick up all three of his favorite peeps at the end of the day.

Unfortunately the school year is longer than one day.  Which means that I have to get up and get them ready again tomorrow.  And the next day and so on and so forth.  Bother!

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Lisa said...

Yay for quiet afternoons! So glad she was happy to go. Alan loved it too!