Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Whidbey From Daddy's Point of View

 This set of pictures is all from Tadd's phone.  It's fun for me to see the different view he takes on our time.  This post will be largely without narrative.  Mostly because I told the story of the weekend in the last post.  But also because I'm tired.  We had a very "spring-ish" baseball game this evening.  It was cold and quite rainy.  But it was on a turf field--so no rain out.  Now I'm trying to warm up and waiting for my freshly mopped floors to dry so I can put things back where they go and then put myself to bed!
 The kids always love a chance to take a ferry ride.  We usually just walk on because for the most part we only use the ferry system for fun.  Nora could not remember ever driving the car onto a ferry before and eagerly anticipated watching how it worked.  It's so fun to see things through the kids' eyes--so much that is mundane and every day to us is exciting and new to them.
 Also, nothing says "yes, I do trim my own bangs" quite like a selfie.

 "My son give me thine heart".  And thine hand :)  

 We put an offer on this house.  But they turned it down because it was about 5.7 million less than they wanted for it.  Ha!  This home was the dream house of a Microsoft big wig and his wife who helped found Seattle Chocolates.  You can buy it if you want.

 This is where things get a leetle bit silly.
 Karate kid style.  Not that they know what that means.
 Aunt Megan the below picture is for you.  Don't I look just like that guy doing all those yoga poses on the beach???  Ha!  Not!

What would we do without iphones and their cameras?  Thanks for sharing your pictures with us, Tadd!


kdk said...

Love your beach photos. There goes my excuse for not posting our spring break photos yet - lots of the good ones are on Karl's phone!

Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

Loved your weekend!

Megan Miller said...

Oh! Thank you for my picture! You look better than those yoga ya-hos!! ;) Looks like a great time. I wouldn't mind having that house. Maybe if we pool our money...and get 2 million of our closest friends to donate...