Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Face of Forty!

 Tadd turned 40 today!  Wahoo!  We tried to make his day a little brighter by filling it with 40 notes/messages/gifts/surprises.  First of all, the kids came up with a list of "40 Reasons we Love our Dad".  Then we attached each of those reasons to a treat or a note of some sort and then hid them all over for him to find.  It was really fun for us to do.  Hopefully it was fun for him too.  I think he enjoyed it.  I loved seeing all the reasons the kids came up with.  They really notice the big and little things that make their Dad so special.
 I had full intentions of making him a cake--but life happened (and Henry climbed fully INTO the fire place twice--in addition to a lot of other mischief) and I found myself running to the grocery store bakery while he was at b-ball practice with Ezra.  I do plan on having some sort of a birthday shin dig for him in the near future and I WILL make some sort of cake for him then....unless life happens again. 
 His Mom and Dad arrived a few hours before dinner and that was a fun present.  We all get to enjoy having Grandpa and Grandma here with us for a while.
 And now we have a 40 year old roaming around these parts.  I hope to tap into some of his wisdom of the ages.  After all that excitement he took his tired self up to bed and was asleep by 9:15.  Happy Birthday Tadd!  We are very thankful the Lord put you on this Earth 40 years ago. 
Because their list was so sweet--I must share it : ) 

Forty Reasons we Love our Dad!

  1. He's funny
  2. His kisses
  3. He's tricky
  4. He's loving
  5. He fixes lights
  6. He builds us things
  7. He is trust worthy
  8. He goes to work every day
  9. He earns money for us
  10. He is the best dad
  11. His smile
  12. His hair
  13. He is creative
  14. All the painting he does in our house
  15. He is pretty
  16. He cares for us
  17. He coaches my teams
  18. Bike riding with us
  19. He is handsome
  20. He reads the Bible with us
  21. He prays for us
  22. He is saved
  23. He does fun things with us
  24. He takes me on Daddy Dates
  25. He takes me fishing
  26. He takes me out for hot chocolate
  27. He takes me to moto cross
  28. He is honest
  29. He is a good driver
  30. He is kind
  31. He gives to others
  32. He teaches us how to draw
  33. He plays kick ball with us
  34. He shoots hoops with us
  35. He helps me shoot better
  36. He orders pizza for us sometimes
  37. He takes us to Sunday School and meeting
  38. He prays with us at bed time
  39. He helps us with homework
  40. He is our dad


Megan Miller said...

Very sweet! Happy Birthday, Taddly!

Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

A great list! I will add one more...I love his winks! And he IS looking good!! Happy Birthday Tadd, my love!

kdk said...

Happy Birthday Tadd!

Adkins Family said...

This is great! Love the list and the pictures.