Friday, June 6, 2014

Baseball Game With the Idahos

 Grandpa and Grandma Idaho came to visit us for 8 days!  They got here on Sunday evening of Memorial Day weekend.  It was fun to have time with them during a long weekend.  It meant that we could all stay up late visiting Sunday evening, we could sleep in Monday morning and have a leisurely breakfast--and we got to go to an afternoon Mariner's game all together. 
 Our seats were perfect for a baby--there was plenty of room in the upper decks to roam about when he got fussy.
 The sun came out and heated us up quite a bit as the game went on.  All the excitement on the baseball field happened early as the M's scored 5 runs in the first three innings.  There were so many stolen bases in the second inning that we felt like we were at one of Ezra's baseball games!
 Caroline looks mad here--haha.  I had just called her name to get her to look at me and I think she was surprised.

 We were glad to have this relaxing day together because the rest of the week got dreadfully busy.  Grandma and Grandpa had a chance to see the kids at their various activities and Grandpa took over school bus duties for the week (MUCH to my delight).  The following weekend was the Bible Conference at Northwest University.  It was a busy but nice weekend.  And shortly after that Grandpa and Grandma headed for home.  It's always sad to see them go--but this time we have three dates in the near future that we'll be seeing them--that made things quite a bit easier. 
Thanks for coming to visit Idahos!

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