Monday, March 10, 2014


 We've had our Henry with us for half of a year already!  It seems like he's always been a part of the family.  I'm not sure when he turned 6 months because he was born on the 30th and February doesn't have a 30th.  But I suppose he's 6 months, just the same.  He's right in the middle of the pack for six month size.  He has two teeth.  There are more on the way based on the signs:  copious amounts of drool, chewing anything he can get in his mouth as if his life depends on it, fussiness, etc. 
 Last Wednesday, in the middle of all the sickness-mania, he upped the cuteness level to off-the-charts when he started babbling.  I don't remember if I thought babbling was this cute with all of my other kids--but this is just about killing me!  He does it in his sleep, through his tears, when he's laughing, when he's playing by himself--all the time.  He uses multiple single-syllable sounds.  "da-da-da", "ba-ba-ba", "la-la-la".  We all just love it. 
 Poor little fella.  He sits up by himself very well.  He started sitting fully unassisted about two weeks before his 6 month birthday.  That's earlier than any of our others.  His pediatrician constantly talks about how strong he is.  Let's hope at least his will is moldable! 
 Last week he got his first taste of baby oatmeal cereal and also pureed carrots.  He liked them both.   He doesn't like to eat a lot at a time--but he'll get there.  The best part is that his siblings can feed him.  Right now they fight over who gets to do it.  Someday soon I'm afraid they'll fight over who has to do it.  But for now I'm living in the joy of it : ) 


The top picture is Henry two days ago holding a football.  The bottom picture is Ezra with a football.  Ezra was about 7 months old, so a bit older than Henry now--but I thought it was a cute comparison.  Ezra's hair had chilled out on the hunter safety orange color it started out as by this point in time.  And now Henry's hair has faded quite a bit from the dark color it started out as--so they just about meet in the middle.  Same nose, similar eyes, different mouths....I think.  But I'm never very good at comparisons with looks.  I won't even begin to compare how I look now compared to when Ezra was this age : )


Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

A very cute post! Thanks!!! I have so many cute nephews and nieces and I love them all.

Cobblestone said...

No! He can't be that old already! What a punkin - the G-kiddos cuteness continues unabated. And 'hunter safety orange' - hee hee!

Megan Miller said...

Hi Half-a-year-Henry! Yes, there is some definite resemblance going on. Would love to hear the babble. We were just watching some videos of Mia at that age - LOVE the babbling!

Adkins Family said...

I too, would love to hear the babbles! Happy 6 months, big boy! ♥

Anna said...

Ahhhhh! It made my heart leap when I saw your comment on my unblogged blog :) What a crazy beautiful thing that we all had baby boys within a year! And great name choice, BTW :) I am soooo excited to have finally found a way to see your beautiful family! Love you old time friend-I strangely still think of our puff-paint slumber party...I hope our girls will do the same :)
love, Anna