Thursday, January 2, 2014

Four Months

And just like that he's four months.
 His mohawk looks like a barrel wave these days.  His eyes are still mostly gray-blue...but they have suspicious flecks in them.  At his four month appointment he weighed in as the third heaviest four monther in our family.  Ezra had him beat by an ounce and a half.
He is so very social and seeks out faces and interaction.  He won't focus on eating if he can hear a sibling talking nearby.

Everything goes in his mouth.  He is working on those first teeth and they are giving him fits some days.                      
He loves to laugh.  He's very ticklish physically and also gets tickled by things he sees and hears.  I love to hear those throaty chuckles.  The flip side to a social child is that they do NOT like to be left alone.  He wants to be held and talked to all the time.  It's fun, but like his siblings it means that he's my number one helper for all my house hold chores.  The difference this time is that my arms are given a break by big  brother and sister now and again.  I am going to miss those extra arms when they go back to school next week!

Mr. Henry is big enough for his Johnny Jumper now, hopefully I can get some shots of him in that soon.  We need to get those chubby thighs a workout--haha!


Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

oHHH he is so cute - actually he is handsome! I am glad big brother and big sister can help out.

Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

I came back for another visit! Henry is sooo very cute...I love the denims on him. He fills them out quite nicely!

Debbie said...

Ohh the chubs! So cute! But it sure makes bath time challenging. :D He looks like such a gentleman in the first pic.

Kelly K said...

That little outfit with the stars on it...we should all walk around in something like that.

Megan Miller said...

Little big Henry, you are so adorable! I want you to come be social with me. Can't wait until you come visit!

Gerald Giesbrecht said...

Test 2