Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hi Guys! I'm Three Months!

 Look at me, all blogging Henry's age progression and stuff : )  And only 4 days late this time.  Yep--he passed the three month marker last Saturday!  He's so grown up these days. 

 He's lost most of his baby hair--just the one tuft of his mohawk remains.  He lost his neck as well--but we know it's in there somewhere.  He is following his big brother's growth patterns exactly so far.  He is also following in the social patterns of his older siblings.  He wants to look at people, talk to people and be held by people all day long.  Sitting in a bouncer seat or laying on a floor gym doesn't keep him happy for very long.  And being put in a car seat is the ultimate insult in Henry's book. 
He recognizes Daddy, Mommy, Ezra, Caroline and Nora's voices and turns towards each of us when he hears us.  He is very ticklish and giggles until he gets the hiccups when we do tickle him.  

My boy still has slate blue eyes--but I'm not holding my breath that they'll stay.  Ezra's took quite a long time to go brown.  Not that I have anything against brown eyes, it's just that his slate blue is so pretty!  The one area this kid is different than the ones who have come before him is at night.  He sleeps.  It often takes me a while to get him to sleep--but he'll give me a nice long chunk most of the time.  Bless his little heart.  I think that deep within he realizes that I am just. on. the. brink. of a mental break down : )  His long sleeps are saving the lives of his big brother and sisters.  
I call him squishy face for obvious reasons.  That squishy face feels so nice all pressed up against mine.  He knows how to handle endless kisses--even seems to like them.   Big sister Caroline is "teaching him to talk".  She focuses on "a" "agooo" and "oh" for now.  Their teacher-student sessions are a very serious time.  Ezra is teaching him how to read.  I used to hold that big boy in my lap and read to him at Henry's age.  What a long time ago!
And Henry is teaching Mommy all over again how hard this mothering business is.  I forget every time.  Not that I would trade it for anything in all the world.  The harder the job, the more enjoyment is gleaned.  And really, he also teaches me to slow down and enjoy his blessed little self.  In the midst of the busyness of older kids, the craziness of cooking meals, the work of cleaning and laundering, he needs me to STOP, sit down and feed him.  It's the perfect time to pause and count the little dimples on his tiny baby hands that will too soon turn into knuckles on giant boy paws.  The time to stroke the perfectly rounded curve of his cheek.  To hold those little fingers in mine.  To gaze into eyes begging for love.  And to enjoy the gift mommyhood once again. 


Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

Oh, but he is a cutie! I'd love to hear Caroline talking to him. And how great it is that Ezra is teaching him to read. It looks like good bonding times. I love the pictures.

Anonymous said...

seriously cute boy!! soo glad he is letting you get more sleep than the others!! ~Cath

Megan Miller said...

I texted you today before I saw this post but that is what I is hard. I hadn't forgotten really, just hadn't remembered lately. While I was holding sleeping Trey all snuggled up on the couch, in the midst of a very untidy house, Nathan walked in and started laughing. It was just so reminiscent of a few years ago. He only comment however, bless his heart, was that he liked seeing me have a reason to just sit on the couch. So true, they do make you slow down. ENJOY that sweet boy.

Adkins Family said...

I'm so glad he sleeps for you, what a blessing!