Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Been Gone Fishin'

 We up and high tailed it to Idaho for a week.  We're back home now--but what a fun, fun time we had whilst away. 
 The nearly one and only day I even got the camera out of its case was the day we went fishin'.

 "Fishing takes tooooo loooooong!  I don't want to be patient!"

 That'll scare the fish right outta the crik!

 The littlest cousins did not get to operate poles--so they just posed for pictures.
 See how clean they both are?  Seriously--two peas in a pod.  I can't believe how well they get along.  They just don't seem to fight the way all the others did at this age.  I love it. 

 Nora didn't feel like smiling until her partner in crime joined them in the creek.
 Now she's happy! 

 A few creek creatures...
 Levi was on net duty and since there were never any fish to use the net on he decided to make a catch of his own.

 Best Buds.

 I never did get a picture of both kids smiling nicely with Grandma, but THIS....
 is better than THIS!  Seriously, whose kids are these????? 
 Obviously, the fishing was ditched after a very short time and the creek became the main form of entertainment.  It was lovely, I tell you.  We sat on a blanket listening to the calming sound of the rushing water and cascading falls while the kids entertained themselves.  Ahhhhh....now that's vacation!

 As usual, a thunderstorm drove us out of this particular spot before we were nearly tired of it.  What a fun time! 
 I really didn't take more than a half dozen other photos the rest of the week.  Here is one of Nora playing dress up to go to her own wedding. 
 And on our last evening Grandpa took each of the kids on a cycle ride.

We did have much fun doing things like biking on our favorite bike trails, eating, eating and more eating, visiting with friends, swimming and playing in the playhouse at Grandma's.  I think that Tadd has several shots on his phone of the kids riding dirt bikes and four wheelers at Uncle Alan's.  Perhaps I can dig those up for another day.  For now, we are back to reality.  And that reality means laundry....


Adkins Family said...

There are so many great pictures in this post, I think I love them all. I have many fond memories of summer days spent near a creek (or crick, depending on if we were in Dixie or not).

kdk said...

When you're a kid, why is it so fun to walk around with a fishing net over your head? :-)

Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

Nora and Levi take wonderful pictures! I loved each and every picture. I agree with Caroline...fishing takes too long! Not for me. I'd much rather read a book!! Thanks for the post, it was fun.

Megan Miller said...

I think we should have been there! :( Looks like old times but with older kids. Nora looks so grown up to me and so much like someone but who? Maybe her Daddy?

whit's end mom said...

AWwwww! The photos of the kids are so cute!

Anonymous said...

love it...yup and somehow this summer I got addicted to hours of waiting for fish to bite, a little more here than most places, but at the end of season we'd go out most the day for a couple fish and imiss it haha but it takes patience!! ~cath