Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Remember Me?

I'm the lady that used to post on this blog.  We're all still alive and (mostly) well.  Just recovering from bouts of influenza, sinus infections, run of the mill colds and other minor illnesses.  I think that the last time we were all well was back in October.  But we hope to come out of this with amazingly strong-nothing-can-get-by-it immune systems! 
Aside from illnesses we've had lots of basketball, school, playing outside when it's not raining and also some holiday fun clear back to a month ago.  I went and broke my camera again at Thanksgiving time and haven't used it much since then.  I do have a few pictures from Tadd's phone.

 Ezra scored a Russel Wilson Seahawks jersey for a special birthday gift.
 He had a crazy fun slumber party.
 We had Christmas in the Harbor--the above meal will long be remembered....by my memory and my hips.
 Presents were opened!

 These kids are coloring machines.

 Uncle Jake and Aunt Emmy brought their sweet Baby Maddy with them.  Sweet Baby Maddy will be getting a sweet Baby Brudder pretty soon...not the canine kind : ) 
 Urgent Care fun for Daddy.
 The Great Wolf Lodge thanks to Uncle Brett!!
 And "Dreamies".  Also, thanks to Uncle Brett. 

 Ending where we started, with basketball.


Rose said...

I'm glad you are all starting to feel better. Congratulations on becoming an Aunt(to the human kind)...again! :)

kdk said...

I'm a little frieked out about the urgent care photo, but hey, if you're blogging about all this in retrospect then it's no big deal! Glad everyone's healthy again. :-)

Adkins Family said...

Great to see an update. Now I need to follow your lead! We've been going through a lot of the same illness stuff around here too and finally on the mend.

NaomiG said...

Ugh... I feel your pain. We were sick last year from October through June. This year?! Only ONE cold so far. Praise the Lord. So, hold out hope for next year. :-)

Love the pics!!