Friday, August 10, 2012

Camping Is For the Mosquitoes

 Not to say that I didn't enjoy camping--I really did.  But I think that the mosquitoes were the ones who were the most happy we were camping! 
 The kids were on to something with covering themselves in dirt.  Nature's repellent.  And lots of fun too.

 Camping is all about seeing how dirty we can get!

 And climbing trees, of course.
 Caroline wanted to make sure I documented Ezra in the pink goggles.  We forgot to bring his along that day and so he resorted to using his sister's. 

 The second night up at Lake Kachess, Grandpa and Grandma Tractor and Uncle Brett joined us.  Nora thought she'd better wake them up the next morning.
 She just couldn't get that monkey off her back.  Welcome to life, Nora.
 Mornings around the campfire with a cup of something hot are what camping is all about!
 I bet you can't tell what Nora's "something hot" was, can you?

 After we packed up and left right at the stroke of 1:00 PM-- official check out time (with two carloads of anxious families waiting for us to vacate so that they could set up their tents for the night) we headed out to find a swimming hole.  The temperatures were in the mid-90's, which for us moderate temp Puget Sounders is pretty sweaty. 

 We found this lovely creek that feeds into Lake Kachless--not to be confused with Lake Kachess.
 That is I-90 just past Snoqualmie Pass off in the distance.  We've finally visited the Lake that we pass so often.  Lake Kachless is what is seen to the South of I-90.  Lake Kachess is to the North of the freeway and cannot be seen.  After 31 years-- minus one year in Idaho-- of living in this area I am now clear on this.

 Uncle Brett thought he could sneak off to do some fishing.  But these pesky little noise makers wouldn't stop following him around alerting all the fish!  Good thing he is patient.

 Here, let me give you a hand!  The water here was fairly warm and still.  The perfect swimming hole for little ones and Mommies.  Well, it was until Ezra saw a snake in the water.  Then this Mommy exited the swimming hole with great haste.

 Father and son attempt a photo together. 
 Then son pulls father down and decides that makes a better photo.
We had a fabulous weekend and successfully got tent camping out of our system for a while.  This year I did NOT have to bring along a bridesmaid dress or any make up : ) 


Rose said...

Oh, I love camping!!:) Your pictures make me want to go again!!I have some crazy pregnancy craving for camping lately.;) The best is by a body of water (without snakes!)...great for kid entertainment!

Adkins Family said...

Looks like a beautiful place to camp and with great company!

www.mywhitsend.orf said...

I love the line, "got tent camping out of our system for awhile." HA! It looks so fun, and is SO much work and so much fun. And Eeew on the snake.

Anonymous said...

haha i love it...i too have always said i should check out the lake we always go past and i didn't know the name or the diff either, thanks for the education ;) ~Cath

kdk said...