Wednesday, January 18, 2012

This Week We Don't Have to Miss Idaho

We've had snow since Saturday and the kids are overjoyed. With Monday being a holiday and school canceled Tuesday and Wednesday, it's been one long week of playing in the snow. Usually around here we have a wet snow, enjoy it for a day and then it melts. The trees don't stay coated and beautiful. But this time each branch has kept it's snow coat and it looks lovely. All the different colors of pine covered in white make a beautiful panorama. If I was a photographer, I'd have it documented for you. You'll just have to take my word for it.
My children keep their coats on, shed them indoors, put them back on, shed them again. You get the idea. I'm okay with it. Hours of outdoor play makes for good hard sleep each night. And darling rosy cheeks.
Warm fires and hot cocoa create moments to be cherished.
I leave you with a question. If your husband is out of town on business and you aren't taking your child to many days is it okay to go without showering?


NaomiG said...

LOL! As many as you're comfortable with, my dear. As many as you're comfortable with. (I do a lot of camping in the summertime, so I'm probably more comfortable with that then I should admit.)

Your snow pics are great. I haven't taken a single one. I'm sort of mad at myself over that, but a really bad cold, and being unreasonable cold these days are contributing to my laziness. :-)

kdk said...

Until you smell yourself.

Anonymous said...

oh my. oh my. could anything be cuter than that pink snowball herself out in the snow :)!!!! or the fire it...your kiddos have the right idea of how to live life :) :) sooo stinkin cute!!! haha you're lucky if you can go without skin would not thank many as you can haha :) although i ran out of shampoo this week of all weeks and my salon wasn't open, noone was open where i can get it, so i went all week without washing my hair, grosssss...good thing i have that dry spray shampoo stuff at least :D ~Cathy