Sunday, December 18, 2011

Six Years!

Six years ago at this very moment it was a Sunday evening. My parents, brothers, Grandma and Aunt and Uncle had all just said good bye. My husband was asleep on a hospital cot across the room from me. And beside me in my hospital bed lay the sweetest, most precious bundle with glow in the dark orange fuzz atop his head. He was all of 4 hours old. I was exhausted. Physically warn out. Emotionally spent. And I couldn't make myself go to sleep. Who can sleep when the most delicious little boy is sleeping beside you? Why not stay awake and feel skin so soft your hand slides off of it? Why not stay awake and smell breath so sweet it can't actually be human? Why not stay awake and praise God that labor and delivery is O-V-E-R! And think about all the tomorrows? And hold the now so close and so tight you think it will never end. But it does end. And time slips by faster than a little boy racing his bike down the street to a friend's house. And before you know it....he is six. And the glow in the dark fuzz is a mop of strawberry blonde hair framing a face with teeth of alllll shapes and sizes. How does it happen? I can't answer that.
We had a little birthday celebration yesterday with family and a couple of Ezra's friends.

I will warn you that there are some disturbing and graphic shots in this post. My pictures are not uploading in the order I you never know when the disturbing photos will show up. They all involve Jacob. And Jeffrey. Two good reasons not to name your child a "J" name.

Ezra requested a figure 8 race track cake for his birthday. He could not be persuaded to let me make it in the shape of a 6. I promise, I do know how old my son is turning.

Any guesses as to what happened? Make up your own captions...I'd love to hear them!

Ezra's birthday is over Christmas break...but his teacher allowed him to celebrate at school last week. We took some cupcake treats to share with his classmates.
Standing in the place of honor between the two "singing leaders" he chose.
His lovely and energetic teacher.
I love their matching fake enthusiastic faces : ) Thanks Uncle Jake and Aunt Emily for driving all the way over to celebrate with us!
Happy Birthday to my six (six???) year old Ezra. It's so fun to see you change and grow.


nicole said...

Happy day!
Before you know it 6 becomes 10 and then...ack!

Kirsten said...

Crazy, isn't it?? 7 hits here in a few days, and I'm just stunned by it. It just doesn't seem possible!!

I'm impressed that you were awake and thinking about all those sweet things after delivery. I was pretty much just relieved to see him before passing out;).

Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

Ah, Ezra, I miss you! Love the cake. And your smile. And your two sisters smiles. So fun. I am sending you a big hug from me for turning six years old!!!

kdk said...

Happy birthday to E! Also, I wanted to comment on your last post...I heard on the radio today: "We have a good God for giving his Son, and we have a good God for giving his life."