Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Easter dinner is my favorite holiday meal...although the older I get the closer Thanksgiving closes in. But for now--ham, potatoes, creamed corn, delicious rolls...you get the picture...is what I dream about. Plus a little chocolate...although I had to take it a teensy bit easy on that front, for Nora's sake. Aunt Heather packed over yummy rolls to bake fresh and light and fluffy cream puffs along with Uncle Alan and the cousins. Grandpa was out of town, but Grandma joined us at the table.



Watching Tom and Jerry clips on the computer. The dads and kids have a slight addiction.

Easter egg hunting.


He's trying to get her into position.

Grandma and a LOT of story books.



Add it all up and you get a wonderful Easter Sunday.

And we do know indeed that He is risen. I took some time Easter morning to think about what that really means. If He is risen--then He is alive. Alive and waiting for us. Alive and loving us. Alive and interceding for us. He is not some vague concept--but a living Saviour. Something to think about and rejoice over every day--not just one day of the year. Praise God!!!


NaomiG said...

Amen. :-) Looks like a wonderful day. Your decorations for every holiday put me to shame. :-)

Rose said...

Sounds like a lot of fun and yummy food! Love the picture of Nora in the "football hold" by her daddy! Very cute..she looks completely peaceful!

Anonymous said...

Precious pics!!!!!!!!!!! Love the outfits ;) ~Cathy

Kirsten said...

I laughed at the Tom and Jerry clips--the kids and Dean do the same thing!

nicole said...